Madeleine McCann case abuzz With dramatic new evidence being unearthed during its investigation, witnesses provide crucial information about the main suspect and provide crucial details of her whereabouts.

Christian Brueckner (commonly referred to in British media as Christian B) has been identified by an anonymous source as being seen fleeing from the scene of McCann’s kidnap, according to an article in The Sun newspaper in Britain.

People passing by noticed when the suspect, dressed in black clothing and sporting an Irish accent, attempted to climb a building in order to gain entry into Hazel Behan’s bedroom, alleging she was assaulted in June 2004 at Praia da Rocha in Portugal by Christian B.

According to unnamed sources, a new witness has come forward and provided their account of what he saw that morning while starting work at a nearby hotel and claimed they saw a man dressed in black running from an apartment complex and later taking off his mask and positively identifying it as Christian B.

Identification of Madeleine Mccann’s killer at the site of her brutal rape mes Bruce Brueckner currently stands accused of sexual assault within Braunschweig, Germany as well as Algarve, Portugal from 2000 up until 2017.

McCann vanished while out with her parents during an excursion in Praia de Luz on May 7th 2007. This news comes as an alarming development, since this location lies approximately 16km away from their vacation home where they stayed while she was four.

Hazel, now aged 40, recently made public her identity, declaring: “When Christian B’s name was released as part of the Madeleine case investigation, I immediately recognized him – it made me sick to my stomach.”

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