“Alien TV Broadcast” remains unsolved to this day.

On 26 November 1977 during Southern Television’s 5 o’clock news broadcast a mysterious beeping sound was heard throughout Andrew Gardner’s absence as well as other strange sounds from within its 5 o’clock news program. Next moment, an unknown voice spoke. Vrillon, representing Ashtar Galactic Command spoke: ‘For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies. Now we come before you in peace and wisdom as we have done to everyone on this world: your planet Earth. We come to warn of your race’s and world’s destiny so that they may communicate to their fellow beings how to avoid impending disaster on all our worlds around you.

Vrillon concluded his speech by offering a powerful reminder: Only those who learn to live peacefully will reach higher realms of spiritual development.

There was no additional explanation provided, with initial assumptions being made that an unknown individual took over regional television broadcast. A spokesperson from Southern Television commented at the time saying an unknown party disrupted their signal in North Hampshire by transmitting close to it and disrupting broadcasts in that area.

Independent television networks stated that creating an elaborate prank required considerable technical expertise. Unfortunately, its perpetrator remained at large for more than four years without coming forward to claim responsibility; after discovering the relay station responsible, no claims were ever made by anyone to take responsibility for what occurred.

However, it remains possible that Rylons, should they exist, will observe our actions and wait until nuclear weapons have been eliminated before welcoming us into their intergalactic family. Prior to any announcement from them being real, some individuals claimed they functioned as channels to communicate with Ashtar – one such person being George Van Tessel who claimed in 1953 his aircraft had been taken on an extraterrestrial journey by Venusian aliens!

After this remarkable adventure, Van Tessel began hosting meditation and channeling sessions at Giant Rock, which quickly gained immense popularity – eventually drawing over 10,000 attendees at one time! Van Tessel introduced Ashtar – an unseen force who serves to warn Earth’s inhabitants when engaging in destructive behavior such as developing more nuclear weapons – by initiating police or military operations that warn about imminent danger to avoid.

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